Note: this outline is subject to change; if it does, students will be notified.

Jan. 15: Overview and Intro, Data and Intro to Excel

Jan. 22: Importing into Excel, Basic Excel functions, from Web to Excel

Jan. 29: Advanced Excel functions, pivot tables, fixed-width imports (first critique due)

Feb. 5: Ratios and rates, data entry, graphs and charts

Feb. 12: Moving from spreadsheets to databases, database concepts and terms, Intro to SQL

Feb. 19: SELECTs, Using criteria in queries, aggregates

Feb. 26: More SQL aggregates, Joins

Mar. 5: More Joins, Importing into/Exporting from SQLite (mid-term assigned, second critique due)

Mar. 12: Update queries, String Functions, time to work on midterm

Mar. 19: No Class – Spring Break

Mar. 26: Back into SQLite, Working with Campaign Finance data (groups formed for final project)

Apr. 2: Back into Excel, with PDFs, Working with Census data

Apr. 9: Writing with CAR, Dirty data (project topic proposal due)

Apr. 16: Structured Web data, Beginning Python (third critique due)

Apr. 23: More Python, mapping, in-class work time for projects

Apr. 30: Make-up class (if necessary)

May 7: Final Projects due


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