Final Projects

The groups:

  • Burke, Davis, Callahan
  • Corcoran, Fitch, Lim
  • Funk, Linsley, Hunsinger
  • Krouse, Fleishman, Sangiorgio

Your final projects will require the following work:

First, you’ll submit a proposed topic or question to work on. This should be something of interest to the members, but not something that just one person could quickly accomplish. In other words, aim big – you don’t have to actually write a story, just describe one that the data leads you to. Due: April 2.

Second, you’ll gather or build the data necessary for your topic or question. Start working on this as soon as possible. Document your actions – this will help you write your memos!

Third, you’ll analyze the data you’ve collected and, if necessary, reshape your topic. Be sure to document what you’ve done and why you changed course, if you do so.

Fourth, together you’ll write a story memo that spells out what you’ve done so far, identifies a likely story or stories to be pursued and a plan for reporting and writing them. This includes likely sources to talk to or information to obtain, the focus and scope of such stories and the main thrust of the stories.

Fifth, each of you will describe in writing your role and the roles of your co-workers in the previous four steps. While some individuals may work more on specific tasks than others, each group member must contribute to each step of the process. This assessment will factor into the overall project grade.


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