Assignments for March 5

SQLite: Using the votes database we used last week, write SQL queries to do the following:

  • Count the number of times in each congress that all republicans voted no and all democrats voted yes.
  • Show the “Approval of the Journal” vote with the largest number of Democrats opposed – when Democrats were in the majority.
  • Show the total number of votes in each congress that occurred between midnight and 7 a.m. Remember, the database uses military (24-hour) time.
  • Count the number of times for each vote result where Democrats had no majority position (in other words, in which neither yes or no received a majority of Democratic votes).
  • Give me the total sum of Democratic Yes votes and Republican Yes votes.

Remember, do not hesitate to email me if you have questions, and try to build on what you’ve already done. Start early, if you can.

Critique: Your second critique, of at least 500 words, is of this Allentown (Pa.) Morning Call story on dog kennels. You should pay attention to how they did the story, offering criticisms and suggestions on how you might have chosen differently. Feel free to write about any aspect of the story and its online extras, but focus your efforts on how the reporters used CAR.


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