Assignments for Feb. 26

SQLite: Using the database of house votes, use SQL queries to accomplish the following. Send me the SQL only (not the db file).

1. Show the total number of votes for each congress that had a margin of 15 votes or less.
2. Show the result and number of times each outcome occurred for all votes on passage of a bill.
3. Show the date in which most votes took place, and the congress that date fell in.
4. Show the number of votes in each congress where exactly one Republican voted no and no other members voted no.
5. Show the votes in the 110th Congress, excluding any quorum calls votes, that had more than 25 “Present” votes.

Readings: Please read the following stories by my colleague Ron Nixon, who will be visiting the class next week. You’ll have the opportunity to ask him any questions that arise from these pieces, but I’d like you to focus on questions of methodology in particular.


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