Assignments for March 6

Remember: We do not meet next Thursday, Feb. 28.

Reading: Complete this tutorial on queries and this tutorial on aggregate functions like SUM and COUNT. You will need this for the hands-on portion of the assignment.

Database: Using the Access database of Fairfax arrests, write and save SQL queries that show the following:

  1. Arrests of people who listed a Maryland address
  2. Arrests of people aged 21
  3. Arrests of people with the first name of Michael or Mike
  4. The number of counts/charges against each person

Important: Save your queries (you can number them if you like) and send me either the text of the SQL or the Access file (you can zip it up).

Second Critique: Read and critique, in no less than 750 words, this MSNBC report on bridge inspections. You may address any part of the series, but be sure to focus most of your attention on the use of data in the stories, the limitations of the data and what you might have done differently. Are there angles or stories that MSNBC did not address?


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