Assignments for Feb. 7

Written Critique: In no less than 500 words, critique this story by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, paying particular attention to the methodology the paper employed and how it explained its use of the data. Is it clear to you? What don’t you understand? Is the information worth publishing? Finally, how would you have approached this story?

Excel: Using the Fairfax County Arrest file, import it into Excel and use the weekday function to add the day of the week to each row. Using a filter, try to isolate all of the rows that are not from Virginia. Hint: Filter has a “custom” option that you can use to employ Boolean logic (AND/OR/NOT).

Read what is a pivot table?. Using this WMATA data, try to make a pivot table in Excel to show which station had the most incidents.

You may email me the critique and the two Excel files or bring them to class.


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